Thursday, March 25, 2010

News from the Ranch

It's been a busy week here, with lessons every day, preparation for the weekend's Expo and the re-education/rehabilitation of an elderly mare (follow the story on my Facebook profile and pages if interested). The mornings are dark until after 7am and nights are getting colder - which means friskier horses with more energy! Feed rations have just been raised, part of the property been sprayed for capeweed (gotta do it) and checking hooves for thrush and seedy toe as the humidity increases. Having fun developing Bonanza for his role as a clinic partner and teaching little Cisco some new tricks along with putting Arriba through his paces in preparation for the weekend!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Good Gallop

Having a herd of 10 means Action! Benefits of a group this size - all running together - is of course lots of physical movement, healthy emotional interractions and mental stimulus. All this contributing to a horse having his mental, emotional and physical needs met. Another upside is you get to see all the herd politics and behaviours exhibited so there's lots of opportunity to 'learn from the herd' - and herd-watching can become a major addiction! In my herd, Spirit the brumby is the self-appointed 'guardian of the little ones' (meaning Cisco, miniature horse stallion and his partner in crime, Poncho, shetland-mini horse) and will herd them away from the others ... here is a fun shot of Spirit and Cisco neck to neck, with arabian stallion, Jebel keeping an eye on things!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Recipe for a Great Day!

Starting each day with love in your heart is a powerful recipe for a great day! Seeing your horses at first light if you are fortunate enough to have them living with you is a wonderful way to begin the day! And when you rise early, you may get to see the sun come up and have that special time where you can plan your day or do something 'just for you' before the household stirs. It's a great opportunity to read up on hoofcare; polish up your knowledge of horse psychology; find out more about feeding, herbs or homeopathy; and even watch the Horsemanship with Heart DVDs - when your mind is fresh and you are rested. Even if you get up just 30 minutes earlier, and devote that time to YOUR own development, it will make a difference!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Autumn is Here!

Yippee! Cool nights and mornings, warm (not hot) days - it's all perfect for horsing around! The horses have renewed energy and enthusiasm for playing more athletically and are more sprightly on a ride. Less flies means more comfort outdoors making it a great time of year!
Now is the time to make time to get out there and enjoy your horses! Every morning I'm met by the herd at the fence, whinnying, coming up for scratches and generally asking for attention! I like mornings and evenings best, and having lots of WERPs (Walk Eat Ride Play) which the horses and I love! Even on a walk out or a short ride, it's good to be practicing your skills and observing your horse's responses in different environments. All part of my program's Trust, Confidence and Respect.