Friday, July 30, 2010

Attitudes are Contagious!

Just a little bit of personal motivation today! Having a positive attitude means a positive expectancy - where you expect good things from your relationship with your horse! Avoid agistment property tea-room 'pity parties' or 'gloom rooms' - this only perpetuates what you don't want! It all starts with a positive attitude, looking for the good in situations, being a bit of a Pollyanna never hurt anyone! Concentrate on what you do want your relationship and abilities to be ... what you focus on you attract, remember! And remember too: Attitudes are Contagious, is yours worth catching?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting to the bottom of things!

Handling your horse's legs and hooves may be something you take for granted (it's easy!) or something you aspire to (you have a horse that doesn't give you confidence!)
Either way, it's all about safety, confidence and respect.
I see many horses that snap! their foot up the moment you go to touch their legs. It's a lot safer if you can teach your horse* to follow a specific request when you'd like to do something with their hoof. If your horse snaps their foot up, thinking you want it, or trying to avoid a pull on their fetlock feathers, then it's a lot more difficult to treat a wound, brush their legs or anything else!
Using the chestnuts as your specific request works well. It's a clear request that isn't easily confused with something else. I spend a lot of time around my horses' legs, ensuring that their manners are good, along with their hooves!
Young horses benefit too from this early education - here I am with young TB filly Cristel who is allowing me for the first time to stroke her legs - creating a solid foundation for the future.
(*included on my training DVDs)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rowdy Little Cisco 2005 - 2010

Falling in love with a mini horse or a pony is an easy thing to do ... their cuddliness, their sweet faces, their cuteness, their funny antics, their curiosity, their irresistible charm ... no wonder we adore them! Thing about so many of them too is their friendliness - they are usually more confident and sociable than the bigger guys, making them easier to include in our day-to-day lives (who hasn't had their mini in the house, after all!!?)
Today's post is dedicated to Cisco (Rowdy Little Cisco) who was born on my front doorstep and into my arms 5 years ago this October. He died cradled in my arms a few days ago, on July 2. A tragic loss of a spunky beautiful, trusting and gentle little stallion - whom everyone who visited the ranch came to know and love. Hard to believe that this healthy little horse of boundless energy, enthusiasm and zest for living is no longer with us. Yet, his big strong spirit and heart permeate the ranch still ... and when I glance up quickly from my computer to look at the herd, I see him just fleetingly, with those unmistakable brown and white markings, his tail swishing, his tiny hooves carrying him on joyous gallops, to leave footprints on our hearts .... thank you Cisco, for everything you brought to our lives. Rest in Peace, my precious boy.