Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Friend in Need

Two months after my little mini stallion Cisco went to the great pasture in the sky, I've been reminded daily of how animals grieve for each other when separated after a long friendship. Cisco's lifelong buddy Poncho has moped about every day, struggling with laminitis when he's in with the herd (too much new grass) and struggling with confused loneliness when I confine him to the dog yard ("Why am I here all alone?"). Even the playful and affectionate antics of my beagle don't bring out his play drive. Disney brings him the Jolly Ball, offers him a chew on his bone, pulls the pony's tail and jumps on his back!
Hour after hour, the little fella would stand in the corner, head down, refusing to eat unless I sat there with him. He whinnied now and again, his voice sounding weaker than it used to, a far cry from when he barrelled around the paddock with his young nemesis. I already knew that horses are emotional, and develop strong feelings of attachment to their herd buddies and special friends, but this has given me an even greater insight into horse psychology.
So you can imagine how happy I was today when in the first warm sunny rays of spring, Poncho decided to chase Disney and engage in some mutual face nuzzling and licking!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dreams Can Come True!

Of course I've always loved horses (like you!) and can remember running around the school play yard pretending to gallop on my white steed. I rode my bike up and down the road in my Annie Oakley outfit, pigtails swinging under my cowgirl hat, and imagined I was riding my beautiful horse! Being a city girl, this was a long way from reality! This dream began early (I was under 10) and proves the immense power of imagination and visualisation!
You may be smiling at this picture, having one in your memory just like it ... or you may still have a dream that is yet to come to reality ... a dream that includes a wonderful relationship with your horse, based on mutual trust, confidence and respect.
You've heard the phrase, Without A Dream Inside Of You, There Is No Dream To Come True ... so don't give up on your dreams ... visualise what it is you would love, and watch opportunities unfold that give you choices to follow a path to your dreams.
Sometimes it can take years, and many detours to reach your dreams (and that's Ok!) - with me it wasn't until many years later that I became a 'country girl' and met the horses of my dreams, Olé and Fez, two grey-white arabians who I fell in love with and who I started my journey of natural horsemanship with ... and I learned an important thing:
Opportunities come in guises that we may not recognise at first - and in roundabout ways! Follow your instincts and your heart and be open to the world around you!