Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enjoying Clinics and Other Fun

What fun we've had at the clinics this spring - everyone all rugged up like it's the middle of winter! We've done some cool things at liberty, brought out the balls, tarps, hula hoops, jumps, chairs, umbrellas! Everyone's been stimulated and challenged, and the horses have been so interested in everything!
A clinic gets everyone motivated and inspired. It was great to be awarding Level One Foundation and Intermediate Skills Certificates to well-deserving students, and to see how much the exercises in the levels program have improved skills.
It's also fascinating for everyone to see the individualism of every horse ... they all have such different characters and it's fun checking out each horse's favorite toy and game.
One of the funniest things has been watching Corbello's daily swim across the deep dam and one of the most happy things has been Poncho's emergence from his sadness over losing Cisco. It is a joy to see him bouncing around like his old self, and poor Woody (his 17hh paddock companion) is on the receiving end of his Napoleon-like dominance! All is good!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Smorgasbord of Information!

Whatever way you look at it, the Equitana Event in Melbourne is a veritable smorgasbord of information about everything equine ... nutrition, riding, property management, hoof care, training aids, tack, chiropractic, massage, even bling! (I've only listed a few!)
So to go along to an event like this when you are interested in horses is a wonderful treat, and a time warp, as there is so much to look at and absorb!
I loved being there to endorse such wonderful natural products and services as the Light Rider Bitless Bridle and the Barefoot Treeless Saddle, along with the Bare Hoof Care services of Andrew Bowe (aka The Barefoot Blacksmith). I talked with hundreds of people about their horses and it was fantastic to catch up with students and subscribers to my newsletters!
There were lots of highlights and I met some remarkable people who are Doing it with Heart - it is inspiring to know that people are tuning into their horse's needs on the emotional and mental level, not just the physical level - evident in the interest in horse psychology and natural communication!
And let's not forget the horses that were there for us to admire! - the gorgeous gypsy cobs, the walers, the brumbies, the miniatures - who stood around for days being stared at and confined, wondering what on earth was going on with all this pampering and attention!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Equitana and Christmas coming up!

"Where's my bling?" Arriba looking gorgeous in his Rhythm Beads and me having to do with the clip-on microphone!

It's November already and it makes me realise how quickly time does fly past, and in Melbourne, between now and the jolly season we have the big horse event of the year, Equitana. Do come along and see me at the following booths: The Barefoot Blacksmith (bare hoof care), Horse Connection (treeless saddles) and Natural Horse World (Light Rider Bitless Bridles) where I will be endorsing these wonderful products and services and answering questions about my program of Natural Horsemanship with Heart.
Thinking up ideas for Christmas, as in gifts (like bling for horses) and some cool accessories to make life this summer a little more comfortable. There will be the Rhythm Beads, and the Cool-It Bandanas - watch for these on my website shop - along with some other goodies that you and your horse will love (like healthy cookies for your horse!!) Plus for we girls, the best underwear for riding!
It's going to be a great couple of months!